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Original Pilipino Music
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Welcome to the ultimate source of Filipino mp3s on LiveJournal. opm_mp3s is a community of OPM-lovers whose goal is to promote Pinoy music to the world.  We have a lot of artists to be proud of and it’s just right that they should be heard.  The mp3s are rotated for promotional purposes. If you like the song, buy an original copy of the album!!! Do not buy pirated copies and do not make money out of these mp3s! Standard disclaimers apply.


1) Request by posting an entry.

2) PLEASE use the form in your entries to post links to songs uploaded.

3) When answering requests, again, please use the form and post it in a new entry, not as a comment under the request entry.

4) Everyone appreciates a sign of gratitude. Please comment when you download.

5) Uploading of an entire album is allowed.  You can request for an entire album, just don’t be offended when some people would criticize you for doing such – they can get pretty mean.

6) Rapidshare.de is recommended. But of course, no one is stopping you from using YSI, Megaupload, etc.

7) Feel free to post anything that’s related to OPM (gigs sked, updates, etc.).

8) Do NOT request for non-OPM songs.

9) Do not advertise your personal LJ or other unrelated sites here.  I will delete such posts.

10) Respect other people’s taste in music.  I hate people who put others down just because they like a certain artist or a certain song.  To each his own.


Use this form when posting links to uploaded songs.

Upload pictures to TINYPIC.com to avoid hotlinking.

Now you can search for songs that have already been uploaded which may still be available! Just type in the name of the song or the artist in the box below.

Get your own code!

SPECIAL THANKS TO: obliviate for the community layout.